Wednesday, 20 November 2013

The Creature at The Bus Stop

I walked to the bus stop like I do every other day nothing was really different about today. It was a dark, gloomy morning and the air was brisk. I could feel every gust of wind through my sweater. As I walked up to the stop I noticed a man standing there, at first I thought nothing of it. Then as I got closer I noticed how tall the man really was, probablt close to 7 feet. He wore a dark grey trench coat that covered his entire body. I got to the bus stop and stopped a few feet in front of the man.

For some reason this man gave me the creeps, I didn’t like standing near him it was almost like I was afraid of him. Finally after about five minutes of standing perfectly still I got up the courage to look at him. I slowly turned my head around and followed his body up with my eyes. He was dressed very nicely under his coat, dark grey dress pants, white collared shirt and a blue tie. All was normal until I reached his face; when he caught my eye I turned around faster than I thought possible. My heart started pounding in my chest and I got an instant urge to run. The man’s face was made of stone. 

At first, I thought it was a burn but there was no colour; his face wasn’t pink or beige. It was grey. His face had no skin on it, and the only texture you could see were cracks. It looked old, but not old like 70 or 80 years old. His face looked ancient. Old like it has seen a million years and lived a million lives. In a way you wanted to feel bad for him. He had no hair on his face; he had nothing on his face actually, just his solid stone features. His eyes were the worst thing of all; they looked like sunken holes in his face. They were dark and emotionless.

Finally after what felt like hours but was probably only minutes the bus came. I stepped on to it and was greeted nicely by the driver. I paid my fare and walked to the back of the bus without looking back. When I sat down and faced forward, the man wasn’t on the bus. I looked out the window but the man was nowhere in sight. It was like he disappeared, vanished into thin air.

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