Monday, 18 November 2013

Reading Assignment #6

25 Tweets on The Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan

1)  Percy (@WaterBoy55) - I hate this camp, I just want to go home and live a normal life! #please
2) Grover (@GroverTheGoat) -@WaterBoy55 give it a chance Percy! It just takes a little getting use too!
3)  Annabeth (@AnnabethChase) -@WaterBoy55 nobody likes it at first! Stop whining!
4) Percy (@WaterBoy55) - @GroverTheGoat @AnnabethChase getting used to?! How am I supposed to get use to the fact that my dad is a God??
5) Annabeth (@AnnabethChase) - @WaterBoy55 @GroverTheGoat it takes a lot of getting used to… but you don’t have any other choice #sorrynotsorry 

6) Percy (@WaterBoy55) -I didn’t steal anything! If anything the Gods stole something from me, my sanity!
7) Luke (@SonofHermes) -@WaterBoy55 Percy, I think the Gods don’t use twitter…but you may want to watch what you say
8) Dionysus (@GodofWine)- @SonofHermes @WaterBoy55 who says the Gods don’t use twitter?! #dontjudge
9) Luke (@SonofHermes)- @GodofWine Sorry Mr. D. I meant Gods of Olympus…not the gods who live on earth and teach half-bloods #mixup
10) Dionysus (@GodofWine)- @SonofHermes HEY! It’s not my fault that I’m stuck teaching you ungrateful

11) Grover (@GroverTheGoat) - This is my last chance; I really hope this quest helps me prove myself!
12) Percy (@WaterBoy55) - @GroverTheGoat it will Grover, my life depends on it #literally
13) Grover (@GroverTheGoat) - @WaterBoy55 try not to pressure me too much Percy. You know how nervous I get
14) Annabeth (@AnnabethChase) - @GroverTheGoat @WaterBoy55 no need to be nervous! This quest will go perfectly; you’ve got Percy and me by your side. #always
15) Percy (@WaterBoy55) – @GroverTheGoat @AnnabethChase Annabeth is right! Well about us having your back…there is a need to be nervous though #tbh

16) Luke (@SonofHermes)- I love being son of Hermes and all but this travelers really get on my nerves sometimes #urgh
17) Percy (@WaterBoy55)- @SonofHermes I’d rather have a cabin full of people than an empty cabin #lonely
18) Luke (@SonofHermes) - @WaterBoy55 that’s a good point, I never get lonely around here! I also never get sleep though! #soloud
19) Annabeth (@AnnabethChase) - @SonofHermes @WaterBoy55 I’m perfectly fine in my cabin #happyme #suckstosuck
20) Luke (@SonofHermes ) - @AnnabethChase rub it in a bit more, why don’t ya?

21) Annabeth (@AnnabethChase) - Working with a son of Poseidon wouldn’t be my first choice, but I need the quest. #nochoice
22) Percy (@WaterBoy55) - @AnnabethChase You didn’t have to come, need I remind you that you volunteered to come with me!
23) Annabeth (@AnnabethChase) - @WaterBoy55 I need to get out of this camp! I can’t handle it anymore; I need to be a part of the real world again…
24) Luke (SonofHermes) - @AnnabethChase @WaterBoy55 aaah c’mon, Percy is a great guy!
25) Percy (@WaterBoy55) - @SonofHermes @AnnabethChase Thanks Luke, at least somebody around here likes me!

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