Thursday, 21 November 2013

Dialogue Questions

1)      At first it took a little while to find somebody whose conversation we could follow. We found a group of 3 people who were talking in the power-mech hallway; we sat about 10 feet away from them and listened for 10 minutes or so. It felt awkward and rude, but at the same time it was kind of fun!
2)      We noticed that the boys in the group spoke in a very mono-tone voice and didn’t say as much as the girl did. One of the boys in the group hardly spoke at all; this could show that he was uncomfortable. People won’t talk if they feel uncomfortable.
3)      If you want to make a character feel uncomfortable or unwelcomed you could cut out their dialogue or have them not be talked to.
4)      The personality of the girl was revealed as being very happy and bubbly. Dialogue can reveal if somebody is quiet/shy or if they tend to be loud and bubbly. One of the boys in the conversation was probably shy because he talked very little.
5)      If there are more than two people, a conversation will usually jump topics faster. More opinions get expressed because there are more people talking about the same thing. This could speed up a conversation and cause it to go on for longer.
6)      It is kind of surprising how people don’t really care about what other people like and how they are so willing to interrupt others.
7)      Real life conversation is much less enthusiastic and much more interrupted. People in books tend to never get interrupted, when in real life that is not the case.

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