Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Imagery Questions

1) I selected this passage because it had many different senses that you could see, hear and feel. It painted a very clear image and appealed to me because of how clearly I could see what the author was describing. The passage 'pooped out' to me because of how descriptive it was.

2) The most common type is imagery is visual but there are examples of auditory and kinesthetic.

3) The piece of imagery I feel is the best and what really drew me to this passage is; the skin on her face was thin and leathery. This line is hard to misunderstand and very clear on what you see. It is also very easy to imagine what it looks like because of how descriptive it is. It also helps to set the tone for the paragraph. 

4) The imagery is negative; it is describing a person who is supposed to make you feel uncomfortable. The lady being described is creepy and isn't something you want to imagine. I can tell it is negative because of the way the women is described, the author is talking about a dead women so he uses words like 'thin and leathery' 'real eyes had been replaces with marbles'. You also get the negative feel when he says it 'sent chills up my back' because this is often associated with something creepy.

5) The mood is creepy, kind of makes you feel uncomfortable. This is seen a lot in the second paragraph when they talk about the green mist. It is also creepy the way they say that they heard hissing of snakes.

6) The purpose is to describe women, it is meant to make her seem as creepy as possible. The passage is meant to make you cringe when reading it.

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