Monday, 21 October 2013

Henry's iPhone

HeartRate: This is an app Henry could use to measure his heart rate while running. Running is a very important tool Henry uses in his life. This app can further assist him with it. 

BookWorm: Henry can use this app to store all his favorite books and read them anytime, anywhere. Reading is important because it's something Henry loves to do

E-book: This would be a similar app to 'BookWorm' only he could access any book. This would also help him as a librarian.

FindMyPhone: I would guess that time travel would cause Henry to lose his phone a lot. This app would be able to find it no matter where it is.

Time&Date: This app would be able to tell Henry the exact time and date no matter where he is. Past, present or future. 

Paint: This is the kind of app Henry would download for Clare. Clare loves to paint and so, this would remind him of her. 

Fitness: Another app designed to help Henry from traveling. This would help to boost his daily fitness routine. 

Cooking: Henry loves to cook, so this app could be where he keeps all his favorite recipes and where he finds new ones. 

80'sMusic: An app just for the music Henry loves! He could play the classic 80's music he loves to listen to anytime This app would also allow him to share his music with anybody he wants too. 

TimeFlys: This app is specifically designed to help Henry on long car rides He hates car rides and so this app would help him to pass the time. It could do anything he wanted it to whether you want to play games, do a puzzle or watch a movie.

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