Monday, 30 September 2013

Memoir #1-Life

“Sometimes, you just have to jump”

I’m using this memoir and photo as a metaphor to life. Or how I believe life should be lived. Sometimes you just have to jump. Life is like jumping into a pool. Sometimes when you jump, it’s shallow and you end up and getting hurt. But sometimes it’s deep and you take this leap of faith. An amazing jump into the deep waters of life. That’s what life is. Taking that jump, not knowing what the outcome will be. I picked this picture because it shows us jumping into a pool. I chose this font because it shows up good against the water. It’s also a simple font because the concept I’m trying to get across is simple. Jump into Life. The only editing technique I used on this photo was brightening it a bit. It was taken on a nice, bright summer day. So I felt it only fit to show that in the picture. I placed the words in the water to make it look like we're jumping into them.

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