Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Pet Peeves

Here, is a list of my top 5 biggest pet peeves. This are the things that most annoy/bother me when people do them.

Okay everybody, here's a short grammar lesson for you. There is no 's' at the end of anyway. Anyway is an adverb and adverbs can't be plural. Would you say everywheres or anymores? No, so why do you say anyways? 

2) The Sound of People Flicking Their Finger Nails 
This is my nails on a chalkboard, I cannot deal with the sound of flicking finger nails. It makes me cringe and I think it is so annoying 

3) When People Touch My Wristy power to avoid trhi
Veins disturb me, as weird as that sounds. I can't touch, scratch or even look at the veins in my wrist. It drives me nuts, the wrist is such a sentiative spot on my body. To me, seeing veins through my skin is the most disturbing thing ever. So, because of this I cannot handle when people touch my wrists. 

4) Things In The Wrong Place
This is a weird one because it's not just objects; actually it's not objects, it's living things. I don't like when other living things aren't where they usually are. For example if I go on vacation with family and I see somebody from school there. That bothers me because they are not suppose to be there. If I see a spider or mouse in my house, that's not okay because they are not suppose to be there. They do not belong in my house. 

5) When The Colour of Your Jeans Fade
I don't wear jeans very often, and I absolutely hate wearing jeans once the colour has faded from them. I do almost everything in my power to avoid them fading. 

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