Monday, 2 December 2013

Dialogue and Non-Verbal Body Language

Verbal Body Language 
Non-Verbal Body Language 

"I'm sorry Dorothy, but I had tea with a mad hatter. I don't know what's more exciting than that," said Alice in a sympathetic voice. 

"Yes," she emphasized "But I followed a yellow brick road from munchkin land' said Dorothy defensively.

"Meeting munchkins is nothing compared to being the size of a munchkin! I shrink so small I almost drown in my own tears" she replied throwing her hands up in the air.

"I walked through a field of poison poppies that put me to sleep and was then captured by the Wicked Witch of the West" she said getting frustrated.

"There is no way she was more wicked than the Queen of Hearts, she tired to cut off my head!!" Alice said while shaking her head. 

"The witch tired to kill me too! She sent flying monkeys after me. Have you seen flying monkeys?" Dorothy replied quite loudly. 

"No, but I've seen hedgehogs and flamingos being used to play croquet with" she said.

"Croquet?! How cruel!" she exclaimed and threw her hands over her mouth.

"Exactly! Now, can you please admit I have lived a more exciting life? said Alice rolling her eyes.

"Never! I've seen things you could only dream of, I've seen a real, living scarecrow, a tin man and a talking lion." she replied annoyed.

"I've seen a talking white rabbit and a Cheshire cat! Not to mention this life size, colorful caterpillar!" Alice said, obviously getting very frustrated.

"Wow," Dorothy admitted "maybe we could agree to disagree? Clearly we've both seen extraordinary things" she suggested.

"You're right, agree to disagree" she said with a small smile.

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